Brain Training Game to Prevent Depression

Two main factors are involved in the etiopathogenesis of all disorders, genetics and the environment. Genes provide the platform upon which the environment acts to manifest in a given state of health. Genetics are something one cannot help, once born with a set of genes they are part of you for as long as you […]

Mindfulness as a vaccine for the flu

Acute respiratory tract infection, or in everyday parlance – the common cold/flu, is probably the most troublesome medical problem of an average person. It isn’t bad enough that you have to pull through all that sneezing and sniffling with the stuffy noses and sore throats, in addition you can’t even use the sickness as a […]

Setting up the positive filter in your brain

When you’ve been down with the blues and feel hopeless, more often than not you would have heard someone tell you to “Be positive”. At the moment you might feel like it’s just a cliché. However the fact is that more often than not this might be the simple solution to all your problems. As […]

The might of Mood

‘Flying high’, ‘down in the dumps’, ‘feeling blue’. These are all terms one commonly hears in reference to mood. If not, then there’s always the simple good mood-bad mood distinction which we can all associate with. Mood is commonly mistaken for emotions, feelings, affect etc. Though not entirely distinct, it is necessary to distinguish it […]

Seeing moods with Color

Have you ever wondered why moods are commonly described using colors? Why do people say stuff like green with envy, or feeling blue, or seeing red? Why is yellow is so uplifting and green so refreshing? Why are you calmer in a blue room and more restless in a red room? Well the answer is […]

The Human Brain : Facts and Falsities

A masterpiece of creation, the human brain has evolved to the status of an unsurpassable supercomputer. Having always been the subject of fascination, a lot has been said about the brain. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting facts and falsities surrounding this wondrous organ. The brain is about 73% water. This […]

A musical life is a Wonderful life

Music plays an important part in all our lives. Especially in this day and era of technological advancement, hardly anyone undertakes long journeys or mundane activities without plugging in earphones which belt out their favorite tunes. Music dates back to prehistoric days, with the oldest musical instrument being a flute made out of vulture bone […]