Brain Training Game to Prevent Depression

Two main factors are involved in the etiopathogenesis of all disorders, genetics and the environment. Genes provide the platform upon which the environment acts to manifest in a given state of health. Genetics are something one cannot help, once born with a set of genes they are part of you for as long as you […]

Brain Training Game to Reduce the Risk of Dementia

A 2015 report by King’s College London stated that there are approximately 47 million people living with dementia all around the world, and 4.2 million of those people are living in India, a number projected to double every twenty years. Dementia is a broad term that encompasses symptoms related to a decline in memory, thought, […]

Neurogaming: Turning your brain into a Joystick

How cool would it be to control a character in a game using just your thoughts? Well that’s exactly what happens in Neuro-gaming, where neuroscience meets video gaming. The developers ingeniously use brain-computer interfaces wherein a gadget similar to an EEG is programmed to read electrical signals from the surface of the brain, from muscles […]