Memory and Multi-tasking

Are you good at multitasking? Try and think about the most number of things you have done at any given time. Have you watched a TV show while talking on the phone while cutting up vegetables for dinner? What is it that makes some of us so good at multitasking while the rest of us […]

Now or Later: Why we procastinate

How many times have you told yourself “I’ll do it later”? What is it that makes some people so driven and focused on their goals while others prefer to push off things for a later date so as to be able to enjoy the here and now? The answer lies within two distinctive regions of […]

Inattentional Blindness

Concentration is basically your mental focus working together with your other senses. The problem however is that there are millions of sensory inputs at any given time. This is much more information than the brain can handle, being able to focus only on any one given input at a time. This means that the brain […]

The Startle Reflex

Think about what happens when you suddenly hear a loud noise or someone suddenly jumps out at you as a surprise. What is it that immediately happens? Your hands probably jump to your face as your eyes tightly scrunch up, your shoulders shrug, and the rest of your body assumes a position of universal flexion, […]

Evolution of Psychology

Psychology as termed today is a branch of science that focuses on the mind, brain and behavior, embracing both the conscious and unconscious aspects of these entities. As a science however psychology is more subjective than objective. However, over time multiple schools of thought have evolved which though not universally applicable may be used to […]

Study of Mind through the Ages

The human mind and its innate workings have always been a source of fascination to humans. The earliest evidence of this interest stems from the Ebers Papyrus, an Egyptian medical papyrus dating c. 1550 BC, which cited clinical depression. Afflictions of the mind were initially considered the result of demonic possessions or the work of […]

Substance use and abuse on the Brain

We’ve all heard about how bad alcohol, cigarette smoking, marijuana, heroin etc. are for our health. We also know that they have a profound effect on our brain and its functional abilities. But do you know what exactly happens to your brain each time you take a swig of the Russian vodka or a puff […]

Video gaming and Cognition

Many of us as children would have rushed home after school, kicked off our shoes and dropped our bags on the floor before settling in front of a video game with a controller. Most of the time this would be followed by a horde of yelling from our mothers about everything from our eyesight to […]

Two brains one Mind

Ever felt like eating certain foods makes you happy? You may be having one of those days wherein nothing seems to be going as you wish and suddenly you have a craving for a slice of the chocolate truffle cake that’s in your fridge at home or for the heavenly dark chocolate from the luxury […]