Personal zen: an anti-anxiety game

Anxiety can be pretty hard to live with. When anxious you might feel stuck, unable to think or move, sometimes doing something that would make your anxiety even worse. What if you could get rid of all that heart pounding and nervous sweating by just reaching into your pocket, pulling out your phone and playing […]

Brain games and employee engagement

Employee engagement is a generic term that encompasses the emotional commitment, motivation and overall sense of wellbeing of an employee, derived from specific workplace approaches. Surveys actually show that an increase in employee engagement results in higher productivity, profitability and customer metrics while lowering absenteeism, corruption and problems with safety and quality. This makes it […]

How brain games increase productivity in the workplace

Brain games are the new trend in enhancing workplace dynamics. They have been shown to improve concentration and working memory, the two most important factors that decide the quality of performance. The benefits of brain games don’t stop there however, studies show that they are also involved in improving creativity, logic, and verbal skills. These […]

Using brain games to help your organization

Employee productivity is the most important factor which decides the fate of any organization. Productivity in turn is decided by performance and engagement. This can be quite the challenge especially when it’s easy for the mind to wander to the bird outside the window or the conversation in the next cubicle when really one should […]

Mindful leading and mindfully being led

Being a leader may be considered a huge responsibility. A leader is expected to know the past, the present, and the future of his organization. Reflecting on the past and the present seems possible, but what about the future? Nobody can predict the future, it is universally impossible. In fact the best one can do […]

How mindfulness can improve meetings at work

It is no doubt that mindfulness can prove to be a powerful tool for improving organizational performance. This stands true even in situations which control the future of the organization, office meetings. Office meetings can be a messy affair, the disagreements, the egos, the inability to focus etc. etc. Forget about solving problems, most office […]

How mindfulness improves workplace dynamics

With more and more stressed employees, who are easily distracted, and work for the sake of working, the workplace is becoming less and less productive. For this reason, there has been a surge of research regarding workplace culture. This research is mainly focused on strategies for stress reduction, improved attention and focus and developing a […]

Managing employee stress in the workplace

According to global statistics approximately 80% of individuals feel stressed at work or about work. These statistics are alarming as stress is a principal reason for reduced efficiency and performance. Stressed employees are less likely to effectively tackle problem-solving exercises, make decisions, and work in a group. The list of adverse effects of stress doesn’t […]

Sleeping shrinks your brain and it’s good for you

Did you know that your brain actually shrinks when you go to sleep in order to help you learn? Basically what happens during the day is that information is being continuously relayed through your neurons. These cells of the brain and the nervous system strengthen and widen throughout the day to accommodate the increasing traffic. […]