Mindful eating to lose weight

Trying to shed those extra couple of pounds so that you could be healthier or even look better? What have you tried? What are your options? Unfortunately food has become a major cause of unhappiness in today’s world. You eat too much it’s a problem, you eat too little it’s a problem. So what do you do? You try to cut down on high calorie foods and substitute them with healthier options. Sadly however you can’t ask for a non-fat pizza. On the other hand liposuction has probably crossed your mind. It’s easy right? Just a couple of painless procedures and there you go, but then what about the cost and the risks? What about bariatric surgery? No way! Definitely not letting anybody cut out your intestines, definitely not worth it! How about a method that would let you eat your favorite foods, help you eat healthy, cut down your weight and is free of cost? Well that’s exactly what mindful eating does. It teaches you to listen to what the body is saying to you about your appetite, hunger and satiety. It involves paying attention to the details of the process of eating, both inside and outside the body. Say you’re eating something right now, what color is it? The smell? Texture? Consistency? What sound does it make while you eat it? The taste? How sweet? How sour? What emotions does it arouse in you? What distractions arise? Acknowledge the impulse to get distracted and bring yourself back to the food. How hungry are you or how full do you feel after eating one bite? Two bites? Three? This process of mindful eating helps us increase awareness of what we are eating and control impulses that force us to eat when not needed. In fact 7 out of 10 psychologists rated mindfulness as an excellent method of weight loss. So next time you pick up that slice of chocolate cake, pay attention.

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