Mindful leading and mindfully being led

Being a leader may be considered a huge responsibility. A leader is expected to know the past, the present, and the future of his organization. Reflecting on the past and the present seems possible, but what about the future? Nobody can predict the future, it is universally impossible. In fact the best one can do is predict the fate of an organization if things keep running at a constant. However life isn’t that easy, nothing is constant. Just because a decision made yesterday resulted in something today doesn’t mean that the same decision made today will have the same result tomorrow. So how does a leader who is supposed to know everything deal with this? This is a problem that every leader will face at one point or another. Most leaders attribute this deficiency to themselves, they believe that they should know and are therefore distracted by the need to appear to know. This distraction shields their ability to focus on the present. Instead it would be more effective for a leader to accept that it is unknowable and beyond universal limits thereby allowing them to concentrate on the problem at hand. This same concept applies to those that are being led. The more mindful they are, the easier it becomes to coordinate and execute. This would effectively lead to overall enhancement in the performance of the team, with an optimal relationship between the leader and the team members.

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