A musical life is a Wonderful life

Music plays an important part in all our lives. Especially in this day and era of technological advancement, hardly anyone undertakes long journeys or mundane activities without plugging in earphones which belt out their favorite tunes. Music dates back to prehistoric days, with the oldest musical instrument being a flute made out of vulture bone dated to be about 43,000 years old. However it is stipulated that the first instrument was probably the human voice. So why do humans have such an intimate connection with music? The answer lies in the fact that music is one of the strongest modulators of mood. This occurs in two ways, through rhythm and through tone. When listening to a song, our hearts get synced to it (similar to kangaroo mother care where the baby’s ears are in proximity to the mother’s heart allowing the heart rates of preterm or low birth weight babies to stabilize). A slow heart rate coupled with a strong blood pressure signals to the brain that something lamentable or depressing is occurring while a fast beat signifies excitement or joy. Similarly tone also communicates certain feelings to the brain which is then directed to feel a certain way. Major keys signify happiness and cheer while minor keys signify sadness. So how can we use music to elevate our moods? Try listening to uplifting music in the morning and relieve anxiety by listening to soft soothing music. Try listening to binaural beats, which are scientifically researched tones played individually in each ear. Finally don’t overdo it and give yourself breaks between listening to music.

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