Seeing moods with Color

Have you ever wondered why moods are commonly described using colors? Why do people say stuff like green with envy, or feeling blue, or seeing red? Why is yellow is so uplifting and green so refreshing? Why are you calmer in a blue room and more restless in a red room? Well the answer is that color has an inexplicable influence on mood. The reason for this lies in two main aspects of an individual, the innate and the learned. The first refers to features that an individual possesses as a result of evolution, traits that have been handed down ever since early mankind. For example let’s take the color red, this is a color that increases the heart rate and therefore raises awareness and stimulates the fight, flight or freeze response. This probably evolved from the time of cavemen wherein red signified fire and blood which inevitably signified danger. Learned responses of mood to color however are more specific to each individual. In this case red might raise alarm simply due to its associations with fire trucks or fire hydrants which you come across on a regular basis. Or it might be a color you associate with comfort and warmth possibly because it was your grandmother’s favorite color. As one grows older these learned responses stimulate innate responses of one’s mood to color. Therefore, next time, it might be prudent to plan an outfit or paint your walls using colors that keep you calm, motivated and refreshed so as to improve productivity and the overall quality of your psyche.

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