The might of Mood

‘Flying high’, ‘down in the dumps’, ‘feeling blue’. These are all terms one commonly hears in reference to mood. If not, then there’s always the simple good mood-bad mood distinction which we can all associate with. Mood is commonly mistaken for emotions, feelings, affect etc. Though not entirely distinct, it is necessary to distinguish it from these terms in that it lasts longer, is a result of multiple inputs (environment, food, sleep, physical activity) and generally more abstract. Simply put mood is a psychological state, which predisposes to a set of emotions, feelings and thoughts. Therefore it’s not surprising that studies have shown that people who are in a good mood tend to be more creative and open to varied thinking. This results in a heightened ability to solve problems and overcome difficulties, which sets off a positive feedback on good mood. Bad moods on the other hand promote poor judgment and misperception of events or objects, this undoubtedly has a negative impact on one’s productivity and relationships. So next time you have to work on a project or complete an assignment try to put yourself in a good mood first; before you know it positive energy and ideas will burst forth like never before.

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