Self-Awareness And Relationships

With 85% of all relationships ending in a breakup and 50% of all marriages ending in a divorce, romance in this world seems to be at a breaking point. Things might be even more forlorn in a couple of years as these statistics seem to be on an accelerated rise. So what can be done […]

Awareness and Self-Awareness

As Gandhi once said: “Our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world as being able to remake ourselves.” The reason behind the ability to remake ourselves is basically self-awareness. This is what sets humans apart from all other living beings. Awareness may simply be taken to mean consciousness; consciousness of […]

Medicating with Meditation for better sleep

In today’s fast paced world, proper sleep may be considered a luxury by some. This lack of sleep that is due in most part to stress and poor time management is a great blow to the pillars of health that keep us going. Fortunately a simple method of improving sleep quality and quantity is at […]

Self-confidence as a Magnifying Glass

Self-confidence is a powerful trait to have. It’s like having a magnifying glass that makes everything you have ten times better. The problem is that it is relatively easy to hack into a person’s self-confidence. This can easily be done through positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement. Take an example of the experiment involving two individuals […]

Setting up the positive filter in your brain

When you’ve been down with the blues and feel hopeless, more often than not you would have heard someone tell you to “Be positive”. At the moment you might feel like it’s just a cliché. However the fact is that more often than not this might be the simple solution to all your problems. As […]

Common Sense or Uncommon Sense

When we think about common sense, we take it as something that comes naturally to us, something innate, unique to each one of us, and unchangeable. This is however not entirely true. Common sense as pertaining to an individual is based much upon their past experiences and prior knowledge. The fact is that the brain […]

Memory and Multi-tasking

Are you good at multitasking? Try and think about the most number of things you have done at any given time. Have you watched a TV show while talking on the phone while cutting up vegetables for dinner? What is it that makes some of us so good at multitasking while the rest of us […]

Now or Later: Why we procastinate

How many times have you told yourself “I’ll do it later”? What is it that makes some people so driven and focused on their goals while others prefer to push off things for a later date so as to be able to enjoy the here and now? The answer lies within two distinctive regions of […]

Inattentional Blindness

Concentration is basically your mental focus working together with your other senses. The problem however is that there are millions of sensory inputs at any given time. This is much more information than the brain can handle, being able to focus only on any one given input at a time. This means that the brain […]